5 Benefits of a Board Portal Solution for School Boards

The use of management portals is relevant in various industries. Such software is bought by giant corporations, small business projects, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Recently, services with the possibility of holding board meetings have also become interesting for educational institutions. In this article, you will learn about the five benefits of using management portals for schools.

Complete security while communicating with colleagues

Although the school is not like the Pentagon, the board makes critical strategic decisions, and there is a particular managerial secret even in a small educational institution. The panel at the school is unlikely to want certain things to be known to a broad audience.

Board portals for online meetings offer maximum protection for every second of your communication. For this, encryption keys are used, as well as double authentication for each user.

Ease of meetings

When the era of covid restrictions began, many were faced with the need to hold online meetings. Managers of educational structures are no exception. Many have needed to meet on Zoom or Google Meet, which are considered inconvenient for holding severe meetings.

Thanks to board portals, you can hold unlimited meetings using various convenient tools. Finally, you can relax and communicate with colleagues without worrying that important moments of the meeting will be missed.

Maximum control of what is happening at the meeting

If the school board consists of several groups of people with different rights in making decisions, then the tools of board portals will come in handy. So you can flexibly regulate the degree of participation of each manager in solving critical issues.

For comfortable work, it is advisable to appoint a meeting moderator who will set everything up in advance and conduct the meeting in a quality manner.

A large number of tools

Board portals offer a vast set of tools for holding comfortable, fast, efficient, and meaningful meetings. With the help of tools, you can create notes, votes, discussions, protocols, and resolutions.

Some management portals are combined with a data room; therefore, right during the meeting, you have all the necessary information, including any corporate documents of your educational institution.

Low cost

Your managerial comfort is worth a lot. After all, the fate of the educational institution depends on the decisions made. And it’s not a sin to pay for this comfort. Fortunately, the cost of management meeting portals is low. A good board meeting service can cost as little as $9.50 a month. About the same money, you will have to spend on the licensed use of Zoom without restrictions.

Some examples of programs for board meetings

Popular online meeting services include:

  • OnBoard Board. There are a lot of useful tools for holding meetings and managing the company.
  • Sherpany. A good option for a small team of managers (as in a school, for example).
  • Board pro. Great software for small teams and non-profit organizations. Suitable for holding meetings of school managers.
  • ContractZen. An inexpensive service that offers an extensive set of board meeting tools from just $9.5/month.

Also top-rated are the programs Boardable, Azeus Convene, BoardPad, and ActiveMeetings. Read reviews of different software to choose your best option for working with colleagues.